Columbus's first Vinebar exertainment club

Vinebar: [vin-uh-bar]

1. Establishment that serves cocktails made with vinegar and other non-alcoholic fermented drinks.

Exertainment: [ex-er-teyn-muh‚ÄČnt]

1. the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment through health related activities

Vinegar... are you serious?

Yes, we are. It's not that weird. Imbibing vinegar was something society used to do waayyy back in the day. I'll call it a shrub if it makes you more likely to try it. That's the fancy name for these types of cocktails.

But why would anyone drink
vinegar today?

Well it tastes pretty good, and there's a whole bunch of health benefits. Just Google it... if it's on the internet, it must be true.

So how does it work?
Is this place like a bar?

We are still in test mode, so you can't come in for happy hour yet. But keep an eye out for our club nights where we will be offering a cocktail menu of vinegar based drinks. In the meantime, you can come to one of our dance fitness classes.


This is not your typical workout.
Dance with us and see what it's like to sweat with reckless abandon. Your body will thank you.

No Dance Experience Necessary

See that picture? We won't be doing that. But that's a picture of me. I'm the founder of Gaba. My name is David. Nice to meet you.

We'll dance to all the hip hop and pop hits playing on Spotify. I use moves that are simple enough that my grandma could follow along.

Class is on Tue 8pm... for now

I'm hoping to add more classes once I get my marketing game on point and more people start coming. Your first class is free. After that it's $10 a class.

We're a business in a business

I'm renting out a studio at a wellness center called Equivita. 1510 Hess St Columbus OH. Parking is on the street. I don't have a fancy sign, so just go to the building with the dark windows.
Trust me we really exist.

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